Review from Jennifer in Phoenix, Arizona


Kelley Arjes, with Salon K, has changed my life and given me confidence.  I have a career in Insurance and I use my hands daily for close up presentations with individuals and businesses.  I was a nail biter and picker for 30 years prior to meeting Kelley.  She started me with some products to help my nails grow and stay strong.  I have since graduated to more advanced products that now give me length.  I have my own natural nail now and my fingers no longer hurt and I feel confident giving my presentations.  Now that my nails and hands look so wonderful I feel confident in saying that I am no longer a nail biter.  Kelley also has made my feet beautiful and even with my terribly dry skin she has diminished the cracking in my feet caused by our dry weather and use of flip flops and sandals.  Lastly I have switched to her Kevin Murphy hair products and noticed a dramatic difference in my hairs texture.  Now when I do my hair it looks good all day and I go through less than half the product that I used to.

Thank you Kelley and Ronni at Salon K for all you do.  You take care of me physically and emotionally and I am happy to call you friends.