Review from Isabel


I traveled from far, far away to have Kelley work on my hair because she’s worth it! I’ve known Kelley for 10 years and trust her 100% with my hair and nail needs. I recently moved to Puerto Rico, a hot and humid place, where I cannot blow-out my hair and expect the results to last more than a few hours. I researched Brazilian blowouts extensively and, for many reasons, was reluctant to work with a local stylist. I happen to find myself in AZ on business and knew Kelley is the right person to trust with a Brazilian blowout. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. The results are spectacular, however the true test would be how my hair reacted once I was back in PR. Today is a typical hot, humid and raining day in PR and my hair is straight, smooth and shiny. Thank you Kelley for continually delivering the best experience!